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My Cancer Called Seamus - Blog 4

Well, maybe the train is starting to leave the station, or the sleeping beast is awakening – whichever metaphor you prefer.

Cancer - Train Leaving Station
Train Leaving Station

I had a call from the Oncology Department at Cheltenham, and they confirmed that I am booked in from this Thursday evening, 29th October, overnight for two nights to have this stomach feeding tube fitted, so I will be spending 48 hours with lots of lovely Brexit Leavers, and we will have an enjoyable time discussing the prawns and cons of Leave/ Remain.

I then had a call from Dr Warren Grant’s Secretary about progress, as well as a short talk with the Radio Specialist who confirmed that, as I had a schedule, that was definitely going to take place, and my first Appointment is for half an hour on Monday, 4th November, and the programme then runs for five days per week for six weeks.

As I say, things are moving at last, and I will try and write my blog after the fitting of the tube this week, but whether I shall be able to blog next week, after treatment commences, is less certain, as I have been warned that this becomes “brutal” after some time.

I hope Seamus is ready to meet his fate!!

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