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My Cancer Called Seamus - Blog 3

Ines & I went to the Oncology Clinic at Cheltenham Hospital by appointment, on Wednesday 23rd October, for the fitting of a “Full-bust” Mesh Mask for the Radio Therapy, both to ensure pin-point accuracy, and also to help them plan their “battle plan” on my cheek. I also had another CT Scan, and I had provided blood samples the day before.

That was the day, but we are still not certain about a method of inserting a stomach feeding tube, as they do not want to try & insert it willy-nilly from the outside, because they do not know what they might hit. Therefore, the plan had been to send an endoscope with a light on it down my throat, shine it outwards, and use the “spotlight” to guide the cut from the outside. They are, therefore, working to find another solution. Before the Radio starts, and this is now programmed to start on Monday, 4th November, and run for 20/30 minutes per session, for five days per week, for six weeks. Included, of course, will be Consultations on progress.

Blood Samples

Reflecting on the processes through which I am going, I am beginning to understand the difficulties and complexities of the treatment, plus at the same time, they need to be aware that, even though the cancer is only mildly uncomfortable at this stage, it will get more uncomfortable before it gets better, so it is sitting in my mind, as a incubus, and never, ever, leaves me. I hope my “readers” do not feel that I am trying to off-load some of this burden onto them, by starting this blog, as a type of therapy for me. Although you do not see or hear the deterioration in my voice, when I write (obvs!) it is becoming more difficult to engage in conversation with people who come into the shop. I also am beginning to see the difficulties when I try to have telephone conversations. (I am also starting to have fantasies about flaky pastry, crunchy salad, and especially, slow-roast shoulder of lamb! Whereas, in fact, I could not even lick a picture of any of my fantasy meals! – I used to mock-complain when all this started that I would have to iron my sandwiches flat!)

Below is picture of Blogger-in-chief, in the process of having the Radio-Therapy Mask fitted – it only took about ten minutes for it to dry to make an accurate mould of my face.

Next Episode to follow………..

Radio-Therapy Mask
Radio-Therapy Mask

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