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My Cancer Called Seamus - Blog 2

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

We are seeing Dr Warren Grant, the Oncologist, this Thursday, 10thOctober, as a result of a Referral Letter from Mr Simon Whitley to Dr Warren Grant, dated 1stOctober. At that meeting it is expected that he will outline his proposed course of action, starting, by the sound of it, with some pretty unpleasant Chemotherapy, as Simon Whitley has, in effect, ruled out Surgery as the tumour is too far advanced.

Tracy Young Consultation

11th October. SM & IM had meeting with Warren Grant on Thursday, and it seems the cancer has not spread as much as first thought: it is in the left cheek, left side of the tongue and at the top of the LH lymph nodes, and therefore, not throughout the body. So, Chemo will not be necessary, but they are putting me on a course of Radio-Therapy, which will last 20/30 minutes per day, five days per week for six weeks, and that will start, probably, on Monday 21st October, thus finishing on Friday, 29th November (so no staying at Dompierre for Christmas). They will zap the tumour with the max, and hope that it shrinks it overall, and also should shrink the amount of tongue in SM’s mouth which stops him talking, and should also cause the muscle holding the jaw from opening, to release the jaw. On Wednesday, 16th Oct, SM is going for blood tests and an assessment, prior to having a stomach feeding tube fitted, which will be overnight on 18/19 October, presumably then just in time to start the Radio on Monday, 21st October.

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