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Two-Tier Table with Round Oak Shelves

Two-Tier Table with Round Oak Shelves

Very well-made, and well designed Hall-Stand or Display Table with two round shelves in Solid oak, sitting in a chrome four-legged frame. The design gathers obvious inspiration from the Bauhaus, and in fact, Marcel Breuer himself designed and had produced a round two-tier display table, from which our example clearly draws inspiration, or homage (!) We think this is probably German and from the 1930s, because of the obvious Bauhaus influences. Very good condition. The upper shelf comes with a, later, glass top with bevelled edge, which has one or two little chips and a quite extensive scratch. A very impressive Centre Piece.

  • Dimensions.

    The upper shelf measures 60cm in diameter, and the overall height of the table is 76cm.


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