Miniature Chaty Vallauris Sunburst Mirror with Convex Glass

Chaty Vallauris are the most well-known of the French mirror manufacturers of the 1950s/60s, and their Sunburst, or Starburst, Mirror is a well-deserved, and much sort-after, classic. It is, however, rare to find a fully marked Chaty Vallauris Starburst mirror with a convex mirror, and in good condition with no twists to the metal rays, and even rarer to find a miniature version thereof. Voila!! Everything you have ever wanted from a Chaty Vallauris Convex Starburst Mirror, but in miniature. This example measures only 34cm in overall diameter, and the convex mirror is a tiny 8cm in diameter. SOLD.

  • Dimensions.

    The mirror measures overall 34cm, and the mirror itself a tiny 8cm/

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